Braveheart (1995) - A Stunt Mattock used in the Film


This prop Mattock was used in Mel Gibson's multi Oscar-winning masterspiece ‘Braveheart’ (1995). The Mattock measures approximately 13 inches in length & is made from soft resin so as to avoid injury to actors. It has been painted & distressed to imitate iron. These varieties of Mattock would have been embedded into the Lochaber Axe used to dismount horsemen & assist in scaling walls. The Axe section, mounted onto a wooden shaft, would also have been made from soft resin. Weapons of this kind are used considerably in the scenes throughout the film depicting the battle of Stirling Bridge & Falkirk. This prop comes professionally framed (measuring 14x18”) with a corresponding descriptive plaque & two stills. It is believed some of these stunt weaponry pieces were given to Production Crew as souvenirs for working on the film. Therefore this prop comes with full provenance.

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