Halloween H20 (1998) - Autographed Sanitarium Evaluation Document


This production used Sanitarium evaluation document, measuring approximately 8.5x11 inches, was used in Director Steve Miner's hit horror movie 'Halloween H20' (1998) starring Jamie Lee Curtis. It was created for the sequences in the movie where Nurse Chambers (Nancy Stephens) arrives at her home to discover that it has fallen victim to a burglary. Documents such as this can be seen scattered on the ransacked floors of her home. What makes this prop particularly interesting is that the production reversed the County name & the Sanitarium name from the names used in the original John Carptenter movie in 1978, for commemorative effect. The prop has been hand signed & inscribed by Chris Durand who played Michael Myers in the movie. It comes beautifully framed inside a bespoke display with two corresponding stills & a descriptive plaque. Originally obtained from a member of the production crew, the prop was signed by Chris Durand at the London Film & Comic Con on Friday 28th July 2017. Display measuring approximately 19x22 inches. Accompanies Provenance.

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