Dredd (2012) - Mega City Medi-Tek Costume Patch


This embroidered "Emergency Medi-tek patch was worn in the film by the paramedics who attended Peach Trees after Dredd & Anderson attempted to annihilate the Ma-Ma clan. The patch remains in fine production-used condition & comes professionally mounted inside a laser cut display with a movie logo & a descriptive plaque. The mount has been hand-signed & inscribed on the front by actress Rakie Ayala who played the Chief Judge in the film. In addition to her autograph she has written a quote from the film "sink or swim, chuck her in the deep end". This item was originally obtained from the official studio auction held in February 2012 & accompanies provenance. The autograph was obtained in-person on 9th April 2017 at the Sci-Fi Scarborough event Rakie attended. The display measures approximately 11x14 inches.

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