Final Destination 3 (2006) - Kevin's Shirt & Cinema Banner


James Wong captivated us all when he reinvented the Premonition-savvy thriller franchise in 2006. Now is your opportunity to acquire a pairing of affordable, yet desirable pieces directly from this hit film. The first is a white 'Banana Republic' T-Shirt screen-worn by Kevin Fischer (aka actor Ryan Merriman) in the climax scenes of the film. Kevin is a Security Guard at a Fireworks event and is dramatically saved by Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) from an exploding propane canister. In the scene, he wears a red Security jacket with this white T-Shirt underneath. Also included in the pairing is an original PVC cinema banner measuring approximately 7ft-5ft, used to promote the film when it was originally released. Both the T-Shirt and the cinema banner were acquired directly from Newline Cinema and they include the associated provenance.

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