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We always ask the relevant film studio, distributor or production company for permission to use Copyright protected imagery, logos, stills and trademarks before we display them on our website. In the majority of cases we pay royalties to the Copyright owners as well as having permission to use the imagery. In some cases, we are prohibited from displaying imagery, where, for example, a studio would not agree to grant permission for a specific title or franchise. We co-operate with these requests fully. We are also officially licensed by Sony Pictures and Warner Bros Entertainment to exhibit film clips, illustrating our memorabilia, to the general public at our showroom premises. We take adherence to Copyright law very seriously and refrain from violating it in the first instance. If you are a Copyright owner and wish to seek clarification of Copyright permission on our website or at our premises, please contact us and we will be happy to co-operate.

Copyright Notice:

Close-up images of props and displays are the property of MovieMania Ltd and should not be used outside of the website without the written permission of MovieMania Ltd.