Authenticity Explained

Everything sold at MovieMania is 100% genuine.  Our items accompany a certificate of authenticity together with, in most cases, additional provenance from the film studio, production company or crew member. The research & investigation we conduct into ensuring authenticity is a major part of our working ethos. For further details on our authentication process please scroll down to read more.


 Additional Provenance

Items purchased at MovieMania accompany our certificate of authenticity with our lifetime money-back guarantee, as well as, in most cases, further provenance from a production company, film studio or a crew member. As reputable vendors of film memorabilia we take every step in ensuring that the memorabilia we acquire is robustly researched & investigated before we offer it for sale. Our certificate of authenticity includes a variety of advanced, tamper-proof security features, including a hologram & security strip, which make it a reliable document to accompany the items we sell. At MovieMania however, we do not just rely on our own certificate of authenticity to verify an item's provenance. Our view is that any documentation originating from the film studio or production company is a perfect accompaniment to our certificate of authenticity and creates extra peace of mind. There is nothing more trustworthy than the people in the industry authenticating our memorabilia. Where this is possible to obtain, we will include it with the piece. Additional provenance quite often include studio tags & labels, crew letters, call sheets, production notes, set polaroids and production receipts. We also communicate with industry experts, consultants, valuers and the film studios themselves for an accurate insight into the origins of the prop or wardrobe piece. For more information on our authentication procedures please contact us on +44 (0)7970 422 638, or alternatively email us via our website. We are so strict with our research that we offer a money back guarantee on every item that we offer for sale.

Legitimacy of Acquisition

Legitimacy of Acquisition, or 'LOA' when we abbreviate it here at MovieMania, is an additional check we undertake before obtaining a prop or production artefact. This is done not only out of a duty of respect towards the film studio but to avoid any infringement of intellectual property or lawful ownership. We ensure that the prop or artefact was first obtained legitimately by verifying that it was given as a gift or officially sold. We do this by looking at accompanying paperwork & communicating in-depth with those we source our memorabilia from. Many of these treasured relics landed in the hands of retired production crew or industry employees throughout their illustrious careers as gifts given to them by the studio when filming concluded. They were therefore obtained legitimately without any dispute regarding ownership. Similarly such items may have been released by the film studio for a Charity sale or to endorse & promote the film's release. There are occassions however, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, where it was common place for film studios to dispose of props by placing them in industrial bins and skips for employees to then take without first acquiring permission. Assets were disgarded without knowledge of the value they would accrue over several decades and those which were taken without permission have been the subject of lengthy Court battles. It is our duty therefore to satisfy both ourselves and our buyers that the pieces we sell were obtained respectfully & legitimately. By doing so maintains a fair marketplace and an enjoyable hobby for all.