Sunshine (2007) - Prop SFX Scalpel


This metal special effects Scalpel was used in Director Danny Boyle’s hit Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Sunshine’. The Scalpel includes a screw thread which would have attached to a SFX blade & was designed with a spring mechanism to allow it to retract. This is one of a few SFX Scalpels which were used in the concluding scenes of the film, when Cassie (Rose Byrne) is hunted down by Pinbacker (Mark Strong) before stabbing him in the shoulder. Minimal wear is present & the prop remains in fine condition. The prop comes beautifully displayed inside a brushed silver boxed frame, with two corresponding stills & a descriptive plaque. Display measuring 14x18x1.5 inches. Originally obtained from the Studio Auction held upon the Film’s release, & therefore accompanying provenance.

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